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Diamond Teams Website for events

August 27th, 2012 No comments

This map is a rough guide to the websites of AdvoCare Diamond & Above leaders who host events in their local areas. The map is in no way complete! On their respective website you can find information about local event taking place. Here’s how you use the map:

Identify the closest area to where you live.
Go to that website for information on events taking place near that local area. Be aware that ALL successful distributors have driven 3 or more hours in order to be able to attend events.
We ask that you respect each leaders time and resources. The meeting host is just that, they are not a substitute sponsor for someone on your team that lives in the area that they are hosting a meeting in. Direct specific questions and training to your leadership.
This map is incomplete.
Additional AdvoCare Corporate events are on available on your microsite.

Click to see the map!

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